We offer three subscription levels to our research reports:

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While it is possible to get some information through the quarterly reports, most of our subscribers use the yearly subscription to make educated investment decisions with our research.

After paying the fee, you’ll get immediate access to all existing reports (the quarterly subscription is limited to 2 downloads per quarter).


Here are the answers to some of the most common asked questions.

Who’s behind Blue Alpine Research?

Blue Alpine Research is a team of independent contractors founded by Feyyaz Alingan in 2017. Feyyaz has a background in computer science and business and uses the knowledge of both worlds to combine it with the world of finance.

The rest of the team consists of PhDs in computer science, bankers, people working in the public service, as well as independent freelance researchers that help compile the facts for the research analysis.

How many research papers are there?

We’re currently aiming to offer you reports on the top 20 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. Through the next months we will compile a list of the top 50 cryptocurrencies and will probably extend into different areas of cryptoassets down the road. Our goal is to deliver quality material, but this requires that the projects we research are founded by proper businesses and honest people.

Are there any refunds?

We don’t offer any refunds. If you’re unsure about subscribing, we suggest subscribing to the email newsletter first, where you get a free report at the end to get a feel of the quality of research we’re putting out.

Can I suggest a currency for a report?

We’re always open for suggestions, but can’t guarantee that we will write a specific report on a specific asset. If you’d like to get more direct influence on the next reports, we invite you to become a lifetime member, where you have the right to vote on which crpytoasset we should tackle next, every month.

Can you write a specific report for me/my business?

We only publish neutral and unbiased reports on the top 20/50 cryptoassets on the market to our users. We do however offer custom research which won’t be publicized on this page and is only intended for the client ordering a custom report. Please get in touch here.