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Meet The Founder...

Feyyaz Alingan

Founder of Blue Alpine Research

Invested in Cryptocurrencies since 2012

Studied Electrical Engineering at the ETH Zurich

Background in Mobile Product Management


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Our research is based on fundamental analysis , so we look through the most important markers of cryptocurrency project, such as team, products, roadmap and much more. Make better decisions with our reports.


Our team works with independent contractors from the private and public sectors as well as academia, making sure we are as unbiased and as deeply informed as possible. Our goal is to do the research for you.


Blue Alpine Research is deeply rooted in Switzerland, so we take pride in being neutral and unbiased. None of our research includes investment advice, but all the objective facts necessary to make educated decisions on your investments.

FREE Training For Cryptocurrency Investors

How To Do In-Depth Research For Cryptocurrencies

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