We research cryptocurrencies

We are an independent Swiss organization based in the heart of Zurich.

Blue Alpine Research is an organization founded in 2017 with the goal of bringing background research into the fast-paced space of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Our goal is it to do in-depth research for you in order to make informed decisions on your investments and portfolio.

Make better decisions

Our research is based on fundamental analysis , so we look through the most important markers of cryptocurrency project, such as team, products, roadmap and much more. Make better decisions with our reports.

Fundamental Research

Our team works with independent contractors from the private and public sectors as well as academia, making sure we are as unbiased and as deeply informed as possible. Our goal is to do the research for you.

Swiss Quality

Blue Alpine Research is deeply rooted in Switzerland, so we take pride in being neutral and unbiased. None of our research includes investment advice, but all the objective facts necessary to make educated decisions on your investments.


What we offer

Blue Alpine Research offers fundamental analysis research on the top 50 cryptocurrencies in the market. Every report includes an analysis on:

  • an Executive Summary for a quick overview on the analyzed topic
  • the Team – who’s part of the development, who manages the team? What is their track record?
  • the Advisors – who believes in the team and the product?
  • the Technology & Products – what’s the foundation for the technology and what kind of products have already been created?
  • the Roadmap – is the team on track to deliver the results that have been promised to the investors?
  • the Numbers – a general overview on the numbers of the projects, such as transaction speed and amount of tokens
  • any News & Partnerships – what are interesting developments in terms of partnerships that could bring this product to the next level?
  • the Ease of use & Availability – how difficult is it to invest into this project?
  • a list of References used if you wish to deepen your research


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